L zone is the new destination for dream homes

By | May 17, 2018

‘Home is where the heart is’, this is indeed a true saying and we all love to have a beautiful and luxury home. However, owing to the reality, the ever-rising property costs restrict a huge segment of people from making their dream home a reality. The Delhi Development Authority has decided to end this plight and is working towards a plan that will make dream home come true. One may now ask, what is the board planning for the same? The DDA has come up with the master plan 2021 wherein, they will develop some parts of Delhi and ensure that they have high class and state of the art residential properties.

delhi gate dwarka

Put your attention to the L Zone

The Land Pooling Policy lists a few areas in Delhi that have the potential to turn to a smart zone in the coming few years. Of all the areas, L Zone Dwarka is the most promising zone as it already has good connectivity and most importantly, it has great land availability that can be used for the construction of the residential and commercial properties.

Delhi Infratech’s luxury home properties

Delhi Infratech Ltd is coming up with a few luxury home properties in the L Zone and we must look forward to it, as that will help change the living standards in the city. We can say that this property in the L zone will be an epitome of luxury and high-class living. The real deal is that the property rates are regulated by the DDA and they will ensure that it fits the budget of the middle-class segment. The residents will not have to worry about anything, as the complexes in the L Zone will have 24-hour water and electricity supply. The aim is to make the lives comfortable and give the people a taste of high-class living. Delhi will soon be ready to give the middle-class segment a refreshing change with the best residential properties.

L zone builders are committed to change the living standards of the residents. Look out for investment in your dream home.

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