Find your Luxury Paradise in Dwarka

By | March 31, 2018

‘Home is where the heart is’; this is a common phrase but quite true to its meaning. We all have an idea of what looks like our ‘dream home’. However, most of the times, the ever-increasing property rates make it difficult for people to go ahead and buy their dream homes. When we speak of Delhi, the chances of buying a home decreases as there is land scarcity and the property rates are sky high that make them out of budget for most of the middle-class population. The Delhi Development Authority has set up the smart city master plan where they aim to make luxury yet affordable homes in L Zone Dwarka.

Expect high-quality homes in L Zone

flats in dwarka

The DDA’s master plan 2021 aims at first using the space available at L Zone as that is an apt place for the upcoming luxury and spacious residential apartments. The L Zone is also the first priority of the Land Pooling Policy. One can expect many high quality and standard infrastructure apartments for residential purposes. The DDA has all plans to make the zone turn to a smart zone in a matter of few years. The DDA is taking help from a few reputed builders of the Northern Region. These builders will ensure that the zone has the best residential apartments and that will attract many people to come and buy the home that replicates their dream homes.

Good connectivity to aid smooth transportation

A great advantage with the Flats in Dwarka is that is has good connectivity with the other areas of Delhi. The existent Dwarka 21 metro station is a great mode of public transport. Along with the metro, once the area is further developed, it will also see buses, autos and other transport medium plying the roads quite often, that will ensure smooth, and any time travel to and from the L Zone. The DDA has probably given this area the first priority owing to its chances of great connectivity and of course land availability. When we talk of a smart zone, it must have good homes, great connectivity, hospitals, schools and other important institutions in the vicinity to ensure comfortable living.

Affordable homes with luxury facilities

The highlight of the L zone Dwarka is that it has all luxury yet quite affordable homes in the apartments. The DDA has made sure that the home prices fall within the budget of the middle-class population. In addition, for those who would like to invest in homes or any other properties, it is like a golden chance that they must not miss. The property rates are sure to increase in the coming years and it is one of the best ways to invest the money safely to only warn profits in future. Delhi smart city plan will finally come to place with DDA’s efforts.

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