Budget homes in L zone Dwarka

By | January 10, 2018

Homes are most special to us and it is one of our dreams to be able to buy a home that we can call our own. The real estate industry has always involved huge sum of money and the ever-rising property prices have restricted the major segment from buying homes. When we talk of metropolitans like Delhi, the middle class section of the city often struggles to find a perfect home in a good locality that comes in a budget. As a government body, the Delhi Development Authority realizes how important it is for all segments to own a home, they have thus come up with the Master Plan 2021, wherein they will ensure that the luxury homes come in a budget, the Land Pooling Policy list highlights areas that show scope in growth for property.

Delhi Adhikari Awas Yojna

Features of the Delhi City Plan

The Delhi Smart City plan has a features listed that will turn the areas into smart ones. The main city has almost all features and qualifies to be called a smart zone. To talk of areas like L Zone Dwarka, the DDA is working to turn the area from plain land to luxury residential complexes. The idea is to develop the area and bring plenty of opportunity for the middle class segment so that they can come forward and buy a perfect home that comes under their budget. The DDA has appointed L Zone builders who are taking care of the infrastructure. To talk of the features of the smart plan, the area must have good complexes both for commercial and residential purposes. Along with the properties, the area will have good connectivity with the public transport modes and make sure that it is safe at all times. The complexes will have 24×7 water supplies, electricity and such basic facilities to aid a comfortable life.

The Delhi smart city plan will soon come into place and will be a milestone for others to watch and learn. The DDA is committed to provide high quality and luxury homes to the middle class segment.

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