DDA plans to make Dwarka L Zone a ‘smart zone’

By | December 4, 2017

Delhi has been developing at a fast rate and the infrastructure has undergone great changes over the past few years. The Delhi Development Authority has turned most areas of Delhi to smart zones where they have made great properties and complexes with great connectivity and comfort. Now, the DDA plans to make the Dwarka L Zone to a smart zone, the first step towards the plan is to make plenty residential complexes that will be sold at affordable prices and not at sky-high prices as it is in the main areas of Delhi.

Master Plan by 2021

Dwarka L Zone will soon see great residential complexes

Revanta smart residency is one of the properties by the Revanta Group at the L Zone in Dwarka. One can say that these are the few steps that the DDA is taking towards making the zone turn to a smart zone. There are a few reasons that make this zone the easiest to turn to a smart zone. The first reason being, the L zone is huge and thus has great space for new luxury apartments. The DDA realizes that they can get the best builders to make high quality and luxury complexes for the Delhi population. Secondly, the Dwarka zone is well connected with the other parts of Delhi NCR as it has a metro station. With time, the other modes of transport will see development.

Great opportunity for the middle class population

The DDA plans to provide a golden opportunity to the middle class population so that they can buy the luxury flats at affordable rates.  The plan is to let the people have their own home when they could not afford to buy one in the city. The government officers and retired people also cn make the most of this chance and buy their own home so that they do not have to worry about a home after retirement. Revanta Dwarka sector 21 will have the best luxury homes at unbelievable prices.

In Conclusion, the Delhi Development Authority is working in full action to complete their Master Plan by 2021.

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