Top Reasons That Trigger the Need for More Smart Homes in Delhi

By | November 26, 2017

Much of the demand for new houses in Delhi has come from people all over the country who have migrated to Delhi for work. Being the national capital of India, it offers a lot more job opportunities than the other cities thereby attracting larger crowds creating the need for Dwarka Smart City.

dda smart cities

Delhi has seen massive development in the last few years. With large flyovers in place, long stretches of roads, well maintained and properly built bridges and the ease of travel via metro has made travelling a breeze in the city and commute is no longer a major issue which thereby attracts more and more people from the surroundings to come and settle inside the city thereby significantly increasing the demand for new homes.

Most people who owned one property or a rather small one want to own more than one properties or bigger ones increasing the pressure on the already fragile situation. DDA smart Cities are well capable of meeting those demands in a fruitful manner.

The homes designed and developed here are often accompanied by parks, playgrounds, open space or public garden that help tackle the overheating issues of the cities in the summer head-on and to increase the greenery and oxygen content in the city overall besides helping produce a cleaner environment.

The homes in L Zone Delhi are well equipped with self-sufficient sources of power that makes the household independent of its energy requirements. Solar and wind panels are expected to be found fit in homes being built in smart cities so that the use of fossil fuels is significantly reduced thereby helping the environment and in the conservation of a massive volume of non-renewable resources.

Houses are also expected to be equipped with rainwater harvesting facilities that efficiently helps the household conserve water resources and the collected water helps in meeting their daily need of it in various activities around the house.

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