Why Delhi Needs Implementation of Smart City Concept?

By | November 11, 2017

Barely a decade ago, people have been talking about smartphones and today smartphones form an integral part of our daily life. Similarly, the concept of Delhi Smart City is buzzing across the globe. However, if you are wondering, why metro cities like Delhi need the implementation of the concept of the smart city, you need to understand the wide range of opportunities which will accompany the project.

Understanding the concept of Smart City:

The term “Smart City,” as the name itself suggests is a technically advanced city, which aims at utilizing digital technology, to enhance the overall living experiences of the residents. The implementation of the smart city concept will inevitably reduce the consumption of natural resources, and thereby reduce the overall expenses by the aid of recycling.

With the technological advancements, the implementation of the smart city concept has become inevitable all across the globe. Needless to say, the emerging of the smart cities has to lead to the booming of the smart city markets and not only the governmental organizations but the start-ups too, are moving towards the wide range of opportunities in the field. L Zone Project in Dwarka is reflection of the same.

Why the government chose Delhi for initiating the project?

India is one of the developing countries, which is focusing a lot on the concept of smart cities. The campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is based on the idea of building 100 smart cities across the country with an investment of $1.2 billion. Instead of building residential complexes along the highways, the futuristic man aims at building projects on the next generation infrastructure and the availability of high tech optical fiber networks.  However, it is important to understand why the government chose the metro cities like Delhi to implement its plans. Delhi is facing the challenge of more and more residential constructions and DDA Smart Cities is a progressive development in the same direction fulfilling this requirement.

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